Monday, December 31, 2007

Triumph! Top ten reasons I made this blog.

Hello everyone!
My name is TheAceOfFire, and I have avoided blogs like the black death for many years at this point. I have also avoided most major social sites (Such as digg, facebook, myspace, etc). I felt that if one did not create a page from scratch, one could not call it their own. SO, why change my mind?

10. Lack of representation.
I am sure everyone has experienced a top ten they disagreed with? Over the last few months, I have heard a good number of opposing, offensive, and otherwise disheartening opinions. Some of which are taken as truth by the numerous masses, some mocked. I would like a chance to offer my opinion to the field, and state the reasons I believe things and the methods I use to deduce these beliefs.

I, like every other person to type online, have been/am/will be wrong. I like using a blog system rather than just a website or RSS feed so that people can offer criticism, opposing views, and in general tear me to shreds. Any great points will of course be added into the article, so please let me hear your thoughts.

8. Participation in Society.
I do not mean to imply that I am reclusive (Although I probably am)... I just wish to do more to help the average net user. I attempted creating a help site or two, but anyone who could find it didn't need my assistance. Maybe by listing things in smaller, easy to sum parts, I will be able to help someone else who gets in a pickle.

7. Collecting Data.
Not just numbers such as visitors, page views, etc, but true knowledge. When I research my lists, it gives me a chance to find out new trivia and information that I would have probably missed had I just browsed randomly. I also love to over analyze events, information, and conversations, so I can be a tad creative.

6. Helping Others.
Covered this already a bit earlier, but I get to focus on individual fields of my audience when I do a top ten in an individual subject. This way one piece of information can help multiple people at a time, much more efficiently than other ideas I have tested.

5. My brother is trying them out.
John Wesley created his own blog, and in the process he showed me the changes that had occurred in blogging over the last few years. The process is mostly automated, allowing people to blah blah blah (yes, I know I am) much easier than usual. Drop by his site some time. /link

4. Peer Pressure.
Family, friends, and other assorted people of public have repeatedly asked for my data, links, and other bits of brick and brack I find online. I tried creating packets and torrents and servers, but it was difficult to help people adapt to each new change. This might be more of the same issues, but at least someone outside my circle may find my posts useful.

3. Greed.
If I can earn enough money to buy a sandwich, I will die a happy man. Who doesn't appreciate getting a small pence when giving their opinion? Even if everyone has adblocker, noscript, etc, just getting a chance to talk is more than usual for me and deeply appreciated. If you have a topic that you want a top ten for, feel free to submit it (However, I will be trying to keep the site clean for now. I promise that some future employer will find it when researching me at some point)

2. Stability.
Since Google grabbed bits of blogger, it has been a stable, easy to use system. If that changes, I will let you know/warn you, but hopefully this site will be more stable should one article get popular for some reason.

1. Details make things complicated.
I enjoy making websites, and I still create toys and programs in my free time, but this complicates the process of working on a blog from "Submit post" and "Format" to "Edit html, check to see if it broke any other bits, fix broken bits, check to see if it works on other browser, fix broken browsers, check post for errors", etc.

In the long term, this new system should allow me to stay a little more focused on the topics at hand, without spending every weekend redesigning the site.

Future posts will be coming soon, with more informational and interesting fare than that which you read here.